Friday, May 2, 2008

Hello, again....

I can't sleep...due to some very interesting news I received tonight, which will be shared at a later date I'm sure. A lot has happened since I posted last so I will not so elequently fill you in because even though I'm can't sleep I am exhausted!
Let's see the last time I posted was around Easter, I believe. Since then Shiloh turned 6 months old, and most recently now, 7 months old! She crawled FORWARD for the first time April 24th. She still refuses to even try to say mama and according to her everything is still dada. She loves music. When we're driving in the car if she gets upset all I have to do is turn on the song "Love Song" and she is as happy as can be! She loves watching and listening to her daddy play is his guitar...another thing that elates her! We bought her a baby pool! Loves that as well...giant bath tub to her...can't go wrong there in her opinion! She now eats table food. Although, her lack of any teeth limits her options. So far she has had mashed potatoes, bananas, heated up, soft apples, chicken, fish...and I believe that is it! She loves bananas the best! The girl will eat anything as long as it is banana flavored! Shiloh and I flew up to PA the first two weeks of April. That was nice. She did an awesome job flying! Slept just about the whole time both ways! While in PA she met her Uncle Jeff and cousin Brayden for the first time! I believe she has a crush on Uncle Jeff and she and Brayden got along amazingly! We took Shiloh's 6 mth pictures while we were there as well as some cousin pictures. They turned out okay... the lady taking the pictures was not very good!
Well, I guess that's enough catching up for now. I think I can go to sleep now.

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