Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day Update

Well, I can definitely tell you Richard was listening! He did such a great job of making my first mother's day extremely special! As we were sitting in Outback yesterday enjoying a nice lunch I told him, "Just wait until Father's Day! You'll feel so special".

Mother's Day started out with Richard suprising me with breakfast in bed before church. He made my favorite, french toast!! And he didn't just use the regular, okay bread we have laying around the house, he went out and bought the thick, texas toast style bread. Sooo good!! Shiloh woke up while I was eating so Rich left the room to get her. When the two of them came back Shiloh was wearing a necklace they had got for me. After breakfast we got ready for church. When we got out to the truck I found two cards, a willow tree figurine and a couple small gifts from Rich.

Church was great also. Shiloh's dedication was Sunday so that made the day that much more special! One very sweet thing the church did was after the service was over they had about a dozen 5-6 year olds standing at the exit handing out carnations to all of the women there....whether they were a mother or not.

After church we went to Outback for lunch then went home and lounged around for a few hours. Our friends Brittany and AJ cooked out some food for dinner so we enjoyed a nice dinner with them and that was about it!

It was a great day!

Picture after church

Flowers from church/necklace from Rich

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