Friday, May 9, 2008

Mother's Day....

is fast approaching!! I'm so excited!! I keep reminding Rich that this is my ONLY first mother's day I'll EVER have so I guess we'll see how he does on Sunday!

In March I something about how we had arrived at our one year anniversary of learning of our infertility, well, here's a happier one year anniversary! It was one year ago today that we met Kim (Shiloh's birthmom) and her dad! It was May 4 when we got the phone call....another day I will never forget! We had just pulled into the parking lot at the Atlanta airport (Rich and I were flying up to PA to visit my family) and my phone rang. I didn't recognize the number so I almost didn't pick up! When I did answer it was actually Kim's dad on the other end of the phone. At first I was a little worried. He sounded very stern/almost mad. I was afraid he was calling to yell at me for leaving Kim a voicemail introducing ourselves.

sidenote: we met Kim through an old coworker of mine. She had told Kim about us and given her our phone numbers. At the time Kim was talking with a couple in TN who were wanting to adopt. My coworker was given permission from Kim to give us her cell number so after spending multiple hours working up the nerve I called her cell and left her a voicemail introducing us and just telling her if she ever wanted to talk with us we'd be happy to meet her...or something to that degree. I actually wrote out a little script in case I got nervous. I should have kept that!

Back to the story...thankfully, he wasn't calling to yell at us but he wanted to see if we were still interested in meeting Kim. Of course!! We explained to him that we had actually just arrived at the airport but we'd be back home in a few days and would love to meet them! He also told us during that call that judging by the slower heartbeat the doctor's were guessing the baby to be a boy...old wives tale. I was a little disappointed hearing that news...I always just kind of knew I'd have a girl first or at least I always really hoped I would....but of course it didn't really matter. Just thinking of what this phone call could lead to was amazing!! Believe it or not I made it to our terminal without calling anyone. Talking to Kim's dad had us running late so we were rushing. As soon as we arrived at our gate though the phone was out and I was calling everyone in my family!! That was a great day!

So we arrived back in Georgia May 8th and the next day we met Kim and her dad after work at the Arby's on Pleasant Hill Road. I can't even begin to describe my feelings that evening. It's a good thing Rich was there because I spent most of that evening just stealing glimpses at Kim....feeling excited, sad, anxious, amazed, and so much more. We left eachother that night with an agreement to move forward with an adoption plan and here I sit a year later with a 7 month old crawling on the floor around me!

Oh and one more neat thing linked to mother's day. It was May 11th (mother's day) when Kim had her ultrasound that told us she was having a little girl....another day I will never forget!

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