Thursday, May 29, 2008


Today was Shiloh's first official Gymboree class! She did so well! She was in a class with three 9 months old and she was up to par with all of them! In fact, the two little boys there aren't even crawling yet so she is one up on them....not that I'm keeping score or anything :)
There was actually one thing she could do that none of the other babies there could....clap her hands! I am so proud! Anyway, she did very well socially also. She kept giving kisses to the one litttle boy and patting his head. The other little girl, Ashlyn, is crawling as well and she and Shiloh crawled around a lot together, almost chasing eachother. It was so cute! Gymboree is awesome!! I know Shiloh is enjoying it but I think at this point I'm loving it a lot more than she is!

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