Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Oh, What A Day!

Playing at Chuck E Cheese's with Kim
"I scored!"

One of my favorite pictures from the day
Someone was spoiled at The Disney Store
Guess what I want!
Heading home. Wore out!

Shiloh and I had a great visit on Monday with Kim. It started out at Chuck E Cheese's, and ended with us sitting outside of Toys 'R Us waiting for AAA because someone (me) locked her keys in the car. Shiloh had a great time with Kim, as she always does. After playing a few games at Chuck E Cheese's with the two of them (so Shiloh could warm up to Kim), I went back to the table and they played away.
After CEC we went across the street to The Disney Store and Toys 'R Us, at Kim's request, so she could get Shiloh an Easter gift, which turned into Easter giftsssss. Shiloh loved it though!
It was a busy day that left us both exhausted until around 8 pm when I got a sudden burst of energy and declared that a trip to Wal-mart was needed. An hour later we were putting this in the back of Richard's truck...

Yeah... She might be just a little bit spoiled :)

I must add that this kid is a natural on the bike! She's a pro at pedaling and mastered breaking within 5 minutes :)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Please excuse the way my blog looks. I hit the wrong button when making some changes and don't have the time to fix it right now. Thanks :)

Wordless Wednesday: We Have Company!!

Friday, April 15, 2011


Shiloh and her dance teacher Ms. Green. Shiloh wasn't really in a picture taking mood.