Saturday, March 22, 2008

Another First

Shiloh had another first today....her first car accident!! Apparantly, this morning was the annual "Easter Egg Drop" (I'm guessing they mean easter egg hunt) at the local YMCA. Also now apparant, every child in Athens was invited! No exaggeration, there was probably 1,000 kids outside of the YMCA/lining the street in front of the YMCA/walking from all directions to the YMCA. It was absolutely crazy...truly a sight to see. Anyway, all of this unbeknownst to us, we decided to make our somewhat traditional weekend visit to IHOP for breakfast. Pulling out of the driveway Rich and I were discussing whether to venture to the further, but newer and larger IHOP or the ghetto, but closer and probably less busy IHOP. As starved as we were the ghetto IHOP won. Little did we know the impact that decision would have on our dramatic, huh? As you can probably guess our drive to ghetto IHOP sends us right past the YMCA...and if you couldn't guess, well, there ya go. Anyway, as soon was we turn from Prince onto Oglethorpe we know this drive is going to be interesting. The line of families headed to the "Y" stretched all the way back to the Bell's/Burger King. It was inevitable that an accident would occur. That many people was a distraction to everyone driving that road this morning. Anyway, we make it all the way to the "Y" when traffic in front of us comes to a halt. We weren't driving that fast so we were able to stop fine but the car behind us wasn't so lucky. We stop then hear screeching tires and "boom"...I mean "BOOM". It was pretty funny looking back. I had no idea we were about to be hit because I was busy staring at this massive gathering of children. I was sitting there saying something to Rich then "BOOM", and without missing a beat I go from whatever I was saying to "OH MY GOD WE WERE JUST HIT. OH MY GOD SHILOH". (insert tears here) I instantly turn around, tears flowing out, "OH MY GOD SHILOH, ARE YOU OKAY". (I feel the need to say here that I don't usually say oh my God but this morning it just kept coming out) And then it was over. Shiloh was sitting in her car seat looking around, no idea anything had just happened, so I calmed down instantly and that was that! It's amazing how traumatic a not-so-traumatic accident is when you have a baby with you. Fortunately the police were already there directing traffic for the egg drop so things moved along rather quickly. Also fortunately, Rich's truck is not damaged too bad. The car that hit us is probably totalled...his front end is completely smashed in...he was driving way too fast. Rich just needs a new rear bumper but you can't even tell unless you look closely at it. It got hit out of place or something like that...I don't know. Back to the story now. We hung out in the middle of the road for about 20 minutes while the cops made sure everyone was okay and filled out a police report and then finished our journey to IHOP where I enjoyed some green eggs and ham and who cakes honoring the new dr. suess movie Horton Hears a Who.

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