Thursday, May 15, 2008

She's Growing Up Too Fast!!

Shiloh's first teeth (that's right, teeth, not tooth) are coming in!! She's generally a happy baby and has definitely had some fussy moments this past week so we thought something was up. Sure enough, we inspected her mouth tonight and her bottom two front teeth have already broken through her gums!! I know I have nothing to do with her teeth coming in but I feel so proud...yet so sad! She's growing up so fast. When she started talking, crawling, pulling herself up, etc it was exciting and great but this is on a different level for me. To me it's a big slap in the face that she is not going to be a baby forever (not that I thought she would, but ya know!). I feel like I want to jump up and down and celebrate and cry at the same time! Oh what children do to us!

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