Friday, August 5, 2011

It's Been A While

The Thursday morning after my grandfather passed away Richard, Shiloh and myself loaded up the car and headed off to Cleveland for his funeral. His was my first military funeral and I lost it after the flag over grandpa's casket was folded up and handed to my father (the oldest child). It was a nice service and I enjoyed seeing family members I haven't seen in more years than I'd like to admit.

After spending some time with family we loaded up again and headed to my parents' house in Pennsylvania, and we've been here since. Well, not Richard. He flew back the Sunday after the funeral. We've been pretty busy with trips to various bouncy places and the Pittsburgh Zoo, a ride on the good ship lollipop, a visit to my mom's parents in Ohio, and a trip to my parents' house in NY. Things have quieted down a bit though, since my sister and her two kids left yesterday morning. Shiloh and I still have just under two more weeks until we head back to Georgia. Richard is pulling up all of the carpet on the first floor of the house and replacing it with wood floor, so we're hanging out here until he's done. This weekend Shiloh is heading up to the lake again with my parents while I stay in PA to attend a Pirates game on Saturday. Train will be performing after the game so I'm pretty excited!

Check back later for some pictures from our visit!