Friday, September 26, 2008

I Should Be Cleaning...

but who wants to do that?! I don't have much to do anyway. I'm too excited for the arrival of Laura and Ella...and later on in the day, Lee!! This is going to be a great weekend!! I haven't heard from Laura yet but she said they'd be leaving Alabama, hopefully, no later than 8 am....which is 9:00 our time so they should hopefully be arriving no later than 3...I think.

At Toys R Us the other day I bought the girls the cutest Halloween shirt. It's an orange with black lettering and says "Daddy's under my spell". Laura and I have already decided we're going to make the boys hold the babies and get pictures of the four of them together with the Shiloh and Ella in the shirts. We're dorks, huh?!

I'm also beyond excited for the game tomorrow! It's going to be even more exciting now that Oregon State beat USC last night!! HA-HA! As much as I hate hearing about Georgia especially with how not good Ohio State has looked so far this year, I will be glad to see Georgia or more likely Oklahoma at #1 instead of USC.

Hopefully the girls (Shiloh and Ella) will be able to handle of the tailgating we have in store for them tomorrow. We were originally planning on heading down to Campus around 1:30 but earlier this week they announced this would be Georgia's blackout game of the year and that College Gameday was going to be there! Now I believe we are aiming to be at campus no later than 11 am....for a 7:45 game. It's going to be a long day for them! Laura made a comment about us going up later if we need to for the sake of the babies. I told her Shiloh would suffer through it if need be. There's no way I'm giving up being at College Gameday. I've given up many things since the birth of Shiloh (not complaining) but I'm not passing this up. I think Shiloh will do pretty well though.

Well, Shiloh will only nap for so long this morning so I am off to finish my cleaning.

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