Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Calm Before the Storm...A Good Storm

Next weekend begins our week long Happy Birthday Shiloh Extravaganza!! Not really, but we are going to be extremely busy! Our Alabama friends (Lee, Laura and baby Ella) will be in town all weekend for the Georgia/Alabama game. The six of us will be tailgating downtown Saturday before the game and then I'll be taking the babies back to the house while the others go to the game. Since the T family will not be in town for Shiloh's birthday party the following weekend we'll be having a mini birthday celebration while they are here. Both Laura and I are so excited to have Shiloh and Ella together again. The last time they saw eachother Shiloh was 5 months and Ella was 3 weeks old so there was no real interaction between the two of them. Hopefully during this visit they will actually play together some.

Sunday morning after the T family leaves Rich, Shiloh and myself will be heading to the airport to pick up Aunt Adrienne! From the airport we'll be going to the Atlanta Zoo for a birthday visit with Kim (Shiloh's birthmom). I am so excited as this will be Shiloh's first visit to the zoo!Anyway, Adrienne will be in town to celebrate Shiloh's birthday with us and then flies down to Orlando Thursday for a weekend in Disney World with Joe!

The same day Adrienne leaves Grammy arrives! She will be flying down Thursday evening and staying through the weekend. Then Friday Aunt Andrea and a friend of hers will be driving in from North Carolina. Andrea will be over 6 months pregnant then and doesn't want to make the drive alone so a girlfriend of hers is coming with her. Daniel has to work all weekend so he can't make it.

And then that will bring us to Shiloh's birthday party on Saturday! Like I said, it will be a busy week but I am so thankful that so many people want to take part in the celebration of Shiloh's first birthday! I can't wait to see everyone and I can't wait for everyone to see Shiloh again! Although, we will miss Grandpa, Uncle Jeff and Brayden. We'll make sure we eat a piece of cake for them.

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