Sunday, September 14, 2008

Crawling, what??

It hit me this weekend that Shiloh has not crawled since this past Monday! I think she has officially moved on to walking. She still stumbles a little but everyday she seems to have more and more balance! It truly is amazing to think about all that we accomplish in our first year of life.

While I'm talking about Shiloh, she caught her first bug this weekend. Yesterday Rich thought she was feeling a little warm but she didn't feel any different to me so I blew his comment off....yes, that's right, daddy knew best. Anyway, this morning there was no question about it so we broke out the thermometer. She started out with a temp of 101.2 but a few hours later it had gone up to 102.4. We gave her some medicine at that point and she's been doing well ever since. When I put her to bed her temp had gone down to 100.5 so hopefully tomorrow she'll be all better! I have to say she handled her first fever quite well. She had her fussy moments but for the most part she was still fairly happy and just slept a little more today.

I'm going to end this now so I can give my full attention to the Browns game. Halfway into the first quarter the score is 0-0....that's a good thing! Maybe the Browns will make up for the Buckeyes this weekend?! It's still early though. We'll see. It looks like what is left of Hurricane Ike is over Cleveland. Hopefully Adrienne and Joe are staying somewhat dry at the game!

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