Monday, September 29, 2008

Checking In

Our week long celebration of Shiloh's birthday has been going well so far! I finally have some down time so I thought I'd check in. Our visit with the Tolbert family was is every visit with them! I so wish we lived closer! Tailgating was fun. Both Shiloh and Ella did amazing! We arrived on campus around 9:30 am and I didn't take the girls home until 6:30 that evening. Not one meltdown took place....there was some fussiness but nothing we couldn't handle. I already miss them!

Our trip to the zoo was a ton of fun! Shiloh walked around at the zoo at least as much as she was pushed in her stroller/carried! I'm telling ya, this kid is nonstop! There is a petting zoo in the actual zoo and Shiloh had a great time there. Her favorite animal was the pig. Her favorite zoo animal was the flamingo. At least that was the one she responded to the most. Later that night Brittany and AJ came over to give Shiloh her birthday present. They can't make it to her party but they wanted to make sure she got her gift...the picture below says it all.

Today Adrienne and I took Shiloh for her one year pictures. Let me just say, too cute!

Here are some pictures from our week thus far....

Shiloh meeting UGA VII
Shiloh and Ella after their bath together Shiloh's first carousel ride (the zoo)
THANK YOU Brittany and AJ

ETA: Also, today Adrienne taught Shiloh to hold up her pointer finger (signaling #1) when asked how old she is!

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