Thursday, July 3, 2008

Watch Out World, Here She Comes!!

Shiloh took her first two steps today! It's funny to me because just today I had decided that it was going to be a while before she made any real attempt at walking. We've been trying to practice with her by holding her hands and walking with her but she would just lock her knees and take these large, akward, straight legged steps.

This afternoon we were sitting on the floor playing and I decided to let her try to take a step by herself. I picked up the remote (she loves remotes) and held in front of me and called her name. She stood there for a few seconds just looking at me and then took one kind of half step with her left foot, then another half step with it. She stood for a couple of seconds again and then took a fast step with her right leg and then a fast step with her left leg and then she went plop! She didn't really seem phased by it at all...just very unsure of herself! We sat on the floor a bit longer and I tried to get her to do it again but she hasn't. I guess we'll just keep working on it so hopefully with daddy gets home she can take a step or two for him!

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