Friday, July 18, 2008

A Great End To A Stressful Week

It looks like I will not be returning to work after all! To keep an extremely LONG story short, my boss was telling me one thing regarding my return to work (I would be working from home primarily, Shiloh would be able to come to work with me when I did need to go in, etc) and the higher ups another (I would be working out of the offices about half the time and Shiloh would be in daycare when I was there). I have to say, I'm not a bit upset by this at all. I ended up going to the main office today and talking with one of the higher ups about my return to work and through that conversation I came to realize that it's just not worth the money. Deep down in my heart I know that not going back to work is the right decision. After a very stressful week I truly feel at peace knowing I will be continuing to stay home.

The other high note to end the week happened at Gymboree. Today we went to the open gym (all ages play together) and Annalise was there. She's my favorite out of the three teachers. She is also the teacher we had for our very first Gymboree class. She was so impressed by Shiloh then and all Shiloh could do. Before we left that class she made a comment about how she just knew it wouldn't be too long before Shiloh was walking and every other week it seemed she was asking if Shiloh was walking yet. Well, today was the first time we've seen Annalise to tell her Shiloh had taken her first steps. Needless to say, she was so excited when I told her. I also explained that Shiloh is still pretty sporadic about step taking and some days she's all about trying to walk while there are other days where I don't think she even takes one step at all so it may be a couple of weeks before Annalise actually sees her walk. Sure enough, in true Shiloh fashion she made me eat my words! A few minutes after getting there Annalise had Shiloh take 4 good steps in front of everyone! Even I was impressed! She's never taken 4 GOOD steps in a row! I was so proud of her but even more so I was happy that Annalise was able to witness it!

I guess this will be the last post for a least until after the 29th. Our flight leaves tomorrow a little before 1 which should have us arriving in PA sometime before 2:30. I hope everyone has a great upcoming week and if you want to say a prayer that Shiloh gives me a break during the flight. I'm just a little bit nervous about that!

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