Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Little Update

We're back in PA! The family reunion was awesome and I'm pretty sure everyone had a great time! It was so cool seeing the three great grandbabies together for the first time! All three of them had such different personalities and it was so neat to see how they interacted with eachother. And it was so awesome seeing the whole Vegas clan! The last time I saw the Mericle family was about 5 years ago when Rich was out at Camp Pendleton and I haven't seen my cousin Paige and Aunt Brenda in about....well, let's just say it's been even longer! Aside from the blood thirsty mosquitos (multiple people, including me, even had bites on their butt!) it was a perfect reunion!

Now we are relaxing in PA until late tomorrow morning when my mom, dad, Shiloh and I will drive to New York! I'm looking forward to boat rides, camp fires, and fishing up there! Oh yeah, speaking of fishing, I went out on the boat with my dad yesterday and caught TWO fish! This was my first time fishing "for real"....not using a bobber and worm. I caught two sheepheads (slang term). I'm not sure what their true name is. Anyway, I am extremely proud of myself and can't wait to, hopefully, catch more fish with my dad this weekend!

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