Tuesday, July 8, 2008


A late Happy Fourth of July to everyone! I hope everyone had a great weekend with friends/family! We had a great weekend in Helen with AJ and Brittany. AJ's mom has a cabin up there we stayed in. Rich and I were pretty hesitant to go because 1. Shiloh doesn't always travel well 2. We had to bring our dogs. Add their 4 dogs to our 2 and you've got a houseful right there! Everyone we well though! The dogs stayed out on the front deck the whole time and Shiloh was great! We watched fireworks in downtown Helen on the fourth to which Shiloh had no reaction. I was so excited to watch her watch them and she just sat there with this bored look on her face. She's goofy!

This morning was Shiloh's 9 month doctor's visit! The doctor said she looks perfect! She's continuing to grow like a weed! Height wise she is still in the 90th percentile coming in at 28 3/4 inches. Her weight is 18 pounds 10 ounces which has her in the 50th percentile....she had been in the 75th percentile everytime since her 1 month visit.

There's not much else going on here! Just counting down the days til the Warren Family Reunion in Put n Bay, OH....less than 2 weeks!

Shiloh's face while watching the fireworks

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