Tuesday, July 15, 2008

So much on my mind

The good news is Shiloh and I are flying up to Pennsylvania Saturday for the Warren Family Reunion in Ohio! We will be at Put n Bay, OH Sunday-Wednesday with almost the entire Warren clan! I believe everyone will be there except a few cousins and an aunt or uncle. Altogether I think there will be 2 grandparents, 10 aunts and uncles, 12 cousins and 5 great grandkids! This will be the first time the great grandkids will all be together! It should be a blast!

From Put n Bay Shiloh and I are going to head to NY with my dad while the rest of the family goes back to PA. It's been 6 years since I've been to my parents' house in NY and I am so excited to take Shiloh there! My dad moved up there the summer before I went into 8th grade and the first couple summers after that it is where my mom, Andrea and I lived! There's a building behind my dad's house...I'm not sure what it is now...but it used to be a marina. My dad befriended a guy (eric) who worked there so when An and I were up there in the summer we worked at the marina washing/waxing boats all day. It was actually kind of fun....looking back. The nice part of it was Eric and his wife Jody lived next door to my dad so after hours Eric would let Andrea and I ride the marina's jet skis on the lake....aside from selling boats they rented out jet skis during the day too. I have so many memories from the lake....4th of July's out on the lake(the ring of fire), ice skating on the canal, swimming in the lake, riding the paddle boat up and down the canal, 4th of July paddle boat races, Andrea "wrecking" one of the marina's jet skis after hours, and (andrea will remember this one) Gary....anyway, my point is the house in NY is a special place for me and I hope I'm able to get Shiloh up there more when she's older so she can enjoy it as I did and make some of her own fun memories!

But first I need to start packing!

The other thing on my mind is, well, believe it or not but I might be going back to work. I received a phone call from my old boss this past Thursday asking me if I was ready to come back. If I do go back to work it will basically consist of me working from home on the laptop and only going in to the office when I need to. After talking things over with Rich this weekend we've decided that I should at least meet up with Mike (old boss) and discuss in detail what kind of hours they are thinking, pay, etc so we have more info to base our decision off of. We're leaning towards me at least giving it a try though. I just need to make sure they are aware that if I do go back, while I will of course do my best, Shiloh is number one. If work interferes at all with my ability to care for her or she doesn't react well to her schedule being changed it's not going to happen. But I'm willing to give it a try because, well, the extra money would be great. I guess we'll see. I'm very thankful that the reunion is coming up so I don't have to make any real decisions anytime soon.

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Greta said...

First off - in response to your comment...it sounds like we're raising the same child, just different genders. Sam does the exact same thing, crawls towards something he knows he shouldn't, then turns to see if I'm watching and when he starts towards it and I say "no", he continues, turns around and then just griiiins.

Also, everyone keeps telling us he'll walk soon. I don't know...maybe he'll get stuck where he is now but I wouldn't be surprised if he's an early walker too.

Now, about working. I'm working about 8-10 hours a week doing part of my old job. I do it all from home (I can access their network remotely). It is great because I can do about an hour or so during the day, during naps and then a little more after the guys go to sleep. I will say it cuts down on other stuff during nap time, like cleaning, doing laundry, reading blogs, etc ;). BUT, the extra $ is great! Also, I was VERY clear that I would not be driving up to work b/c then the money would really be irrelevant and that Sam was #1. If he needed something and work got in the way, work would be second to him. I reminded them that's the whole reason I decided to quit my job and stay at home with him.

I'll be curious to see if you decide to do it and how it works out for ya!