Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sign Me Up

It looks like I will be rejoining the ranks of the work force upon our return from PA. I wish I could say that I am excited and looking forward to it, but, in all honestly, I am nervous and not so excited. You may be thinking to yourself, why then is she going back? For many reasons, I guess. The money is #1, of course, and everything else stems from that. It would be nice to take some pressure off of Richard, the extra money would be great for savings, and it would allow us to also have a little extra money for misc things...trips, random purchases, holidays, etc. Basically, it's all about the money and that has me a little upset. I'm not unhappy about it because Rich doesn't make enough money for me to stay home with Shiloh. He does. I'm irritated that as I sat down and tried to think of the pros and cons of going back to work the only pro I could think of was extra money. But that one pro was enough to out weigh the many cons that came to mind. As I think about the future, though, I realize we will need a bigger house before we even start thinking about expanding our family and then there are the expenses that come with said expansion!

Ok, I'll stop complaining and move on to the more positive points of me going back to work. It will allow us to enroll Shiloh in fun activities such as, swimming at the "Y" this fall, build our savings, save up money for adoption #2, and it may even make moving in the next year or so a possibility. And as I sit here and think about things more I guess there are a couple of nonrelated money pros. I did have quite a few good friends at work and it will be nice to see all of them on a regular basis again. Also, like I already said, it will take a lot of pressure off of Rich which will make his life a little easier.

In the end, I'm just going to continue to pray about it and ask that God's will be done. I just hope that I am able to stop trying to figure it out myself long enough to hear what God wants of me.

Anyway, now that I'm finished venting I'm going to go to Pennsylvania with Shiloh and enjoy a relaxing visit with family. Then I'll come back with a positive attitude and just be thankful that I have the opportunity to help Rich out by going back to work. All while not having to put Shiloh in daycare.

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