Thursday, July 17, 2008

Fun Times Over

I finally made the trip out to Target today to buy some cabinet latches for the kitchen. I had expected Shiloh to start exploring the kitchen cabinets soon after she started crawling but she never showed any interest in them. I, of course, decided then that Shiloh must be sparing us that not so adorable baby phase. She's such a good girl! Not so. I got home from Target and threw the bag of latches onto the couch next to Rich and told him to get to work. Now I will be able to make dinner without this happening....

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Greta said...

Oh hmmm...isn't that frustrating? Sam has gotten quite interested in opening the cabinets too. We've got drawers that roll out inside the cabinets and he just recently figured that out.

The bad thing is most of those type of drawers hold glass lids...that probably can't be replaced.

I need to get some latches tomorrow! Thanks for the reminder :).

Oh, by the way, I saw two little girls at some picture place yesterday and I swear one looked JUST like Shiloh. She doesn't have a twin does she?