Monday, April 30, 2012

There Were Four Of Them

The day after writing my previous post, I walked up to our front door just in time to see the mama bird feeding her babies.  There were actually four of them.  Not two, like I originally thought.  Now there are none.

While upstairs this morning, I just happened to glance outside the window into the front yard to see a group of Mockingbirds attacking a crow.  I watched for a moment curious as to what was going on.  Then I noticed something small and gray in the crows mouth.  I said a quick prayer that it wasn't what I thought it was, but sure enough at one point when the crow dropped the object, I saw its wings flutter.  I just stood at the window feeling helpless.  I wanted to run outside, but I figured that the Mockingbirds had the best chance of saving the baby bird.  And then it was over.  I went out to the front porch, hoping that maybe it wasn't one of the birds from the nest.  I found a completely empty, completely destroyed nest.

I know this might sound dramatic, but this was not the thing I wanted to see this morning.  After a rough night of bad dreams regarding Kim's baby, I did not need to see these baby birds killed this morning.  I'm sure everything will be fine with the adoption, but our lack of contact with Kim is killing me.  We haven't heard from her since a week ago Saturday.  I sent her a text message yesterday and Wednesday, and I have of course received no response back.  I know she's tired and busy (and her cell phone signal is crappy), but any kind of contact from her would be so appreciated right now.

Update: I did hear from Kim today.  Everything is still good.  Her next appointment is Thursday but hopefully she won't need to go.  

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