Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I Felt So Loved

A while back I started tagging along with my best friend, Laci, and some women from her church small group at their monthly girls' night out.  It always consists of dinner at Chili's (we really go for the dessert!  If you haven't had their Chocolate Molten Cake, you need to.  It's like a little taste of heaven.) and some good ole girl talk.  Well, this past weekend Laci casually mentioned that there would be another girls' night on Tuesday.  I remember thinking how awesome their timing was since this would probably be my last chance for a night out for some time. 

Tuesday evening came, and I decided that I would leave a little early so I could stop by a certain store and pick out Shiloh's big sister present.  I gave myself plenty of extra time, not knowing what traffic would be like.  Of course, since I did give myself extra time, I was in and out of Target in minutes.  With 50 minutes left to kill, I decided to drive over to The Avenues (the outdoor shopping area where Chili's is located) and walk around Carter's to waste some time.  I have to mention that while at Carter's I found the cutest matching pajama sets for Shiloh and Baby G that say, "I'm all about Daddy".  Anyway.  I learned last night that I'm not very good at wasting time.  With 30 minutes left until were supposed to meet up, I drove over to Chili's figuring I'd just sit in the car until I saw Laci arrive.  After about 10 minutes of sitting there, I see Laci AND her mom walk into the restaurant.  I knew her mom and dad were in town, and I thought how great it was that her mom would be joining us.  I also noticed that Laci had a large yellow gift bag with her.  As I was getting out of my car I was thinking to myself that we must be celebrating something for someone, and I felt bad that I was unprepared (Yes, I am THAT clueless).  Needless to say, I  walked in early and kind of ruined the surprise of my surprise baby shower.  Thankfully, Anna and Kelly were already there so they were able to see my reaction.  Also in attendance was my friend Emily and four of the ladies from my bible study group.  I was so blown away by their kindness and thoughtfulness, and definitely cried at least twice.  We didn't have a baby shower with Shiloh, and I didn't even have a wedding shower when Richard and I got married (we were young, and our wedding wasn't very traditional), so this was so very special for me.  I will truly never forget last night.

The only pictures I have from the shower are from Anna's iphone.  One is an absolutely horrible picture of me trying to smile and look somewhat decent for the picture, but I'm laughing so hard that I'm unable to produce a nice, normal smile.  The other picture is of what, or I should say who, I'm laughing at.  Leslie is one of the ladies from my bible study group.  She is a drama teacher who once had a job delivering singing telegrams.  Anytime one of the ladies in the group has a birthday she puts together a singing telegram for them.  They are hilarious.  She showed up last yesterday evening.  We were all sitting at the table when this odd looking women walked up saying my name.  Thankfully I recognized her voice because she did not look at all like Leslie.  Anyway.  She gave a little intro and then broke out into song.  She did her own rendition of "Baby, Baby, Baby" by Justin Bieber.  It was hilarious.

Leslie (or Justin Bieber)
The costume that I had to wear while Leslie sang to me (yes, this was in the middle of Chili's)
The loot


Brandie said...

Alicia- I am so happy for you. I have been praying like a crazy person that you would feel the Lord's hand in your life and feel the comfort of knowing that He has a plan for your family. I am so glad that everything is working out so well. I will be keeping you in my prayers every day! I miss you so much!!!

Best wishes- I can't wait to meet your little one!

Alicia said...

Thank you! Please continue to pray that everything goes smoothly! I miss you too! Looking forward to seeing you and your boys in July!