Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My Birds

One of the birthday presents I received from Richard and Shiloh is a bird feeder. I'd been hoping to receive one for Mother's Day over the last couple years, so I was very excited to finally get it.

It took the birds a couple of days to find the feeder, but in the past few days they've really started coming around. We've seen Cardinals, Brown-Headed Cowbirds, Finches, and even a Dove. We also have two (sometimes 3) Mockingbirds that like to hang out in our yard and feed from the ground. I've started whistling at them recently, in hopes that they will mock me, but I've had no luck.

I've been trying to get pictures of "my birds", but my fairly basic camera isn't quite cutting it. I told Richard that his next big purchase for me should be a new camera. I've been asking for a Canon or Nikon DSLR for the last few years so I could take better pictures of Shiloh. If he won't get me one for her, maybe he'll do it for my birds. Probably not. Anyway. Here are a few decent pictures that I have been able to take.

There is usually a female cardinal with him, but I didn't see her this morning.

One of the mockingbirds

We also have a really pretty House Finch that has visited the feeder a few times, but I can't get a picture of him. The Finches seems to be very skittish.

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