Tuesday, April 24, 2012

It Still Doesn't Feel Real

This past weekend was a very productive one for us.  Friends came over and helped us empty out Richard's music room, pull the crib down from the attic, and get the nursery somewhat in order.  Our house is actually beginning to look like a baby might be joining us soon.

 Thankfully, we still have Shiloh's old crib, bedding, and rocker.   This made getting the nursery together much easier, faster, and cheaper.  To the right of the crib is the already packed diaper bag and Shiloh's suitcase.  The hospital is about 2 1/2 hours from our house, so I have my bag and the kid's bags already packed.

We had purchased this changing table when we thought we would be adopting Will.  The only item I had to buy in this picture is the changing pad cover.  I also purchased a couple of hanging shelves for the wall so we can display some pictures and the purple piggy bank (pictured above) that Shiloh picked out.  

  This is something I ordered because we no longer have Shiloh's old swing, bouncer chair, or boppy.  I want to have some place to set her down when we don't want to hold her.  Also, if she sleeps well in this, it will be perfect for traveling up to Pennsylvania this summer.  It folds flat so I can just lay it down in the trunk when we travel.  It will take up much less room than the pack n play.  I really hope she likes it.  Everyone who reviewed it online said that this is the only thing their baby sleeps well in.  As you can see, Shiloh has been playing with it since we set it up :)

Obviously, we're still waiting.  Shiloh is still excited and talking about all that she is going to do with her little sister when she gets here.  Richard and I feel about as ready as we're going to feel.  Initially, I was hoping that Kim would deliver late to give us more time, but now I kind of hope that Baby G (that's all you get for now :)) decides to make her appearance this week. 


Greta said...

Aww, haha! So great to see that nursery getting set up.

Can't wait to hear the name, see some pics and know that you guys have her home with you :).

Alicia said...

It is great to see! :) I've envisioned this room as a nursery ever since our first walk through of this house. It's so awesome to finally see it happening.