Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: I Don't Want To Overload You With The Kitty, So Here's Our New Roof

Okay, you're going to get a few words...
One of the bad storms that went through the south a few weeks ago caused some wind damage to our roof. Not the one with all of the tornadoes, our roof was actually fixed by the time that happened. Anyway. We filed a claim with our insurance company and, thanks to Richard's job, we were able to upgrade to architectural shingles!

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Chantay said...

Hi there, Alicia! I wish you can still read this, but I’m glad that you’d already fixed your roof. It’s really nice to live in a house without worrying about the roof damage, right? Anyway, windstorm can be troublesome, indeed. When the wind is very strong, there is a possibility that it can throw away everything! And it’s really good that you get your roof fixed before another windstorm comes.

Chantay Smithingell