Monday, May 9, 2011

She Is Pretty Awesome

This morning Shiloh and I decorated a birthday card for Gigi, Shiloh's great grandmother. Gigi will turn 83 (if I'm not mistaken) on Wednesday, so Happy early Birthday, Gigi!!

During our most recent visit with Gigi and Great Grandpa, Shiloh gave them a couple of nicknames. I wasn't aware of these names until she started telling me a story about visiting a couple of people a few weeks later. She was sitting on the potty (I was getting her toilet paper) when she started asking me if I remember when she visited Jesus. (HUH?) I started asking questions about this visit trying to figure out what she was talking about. A few questions in, she brought up "the boy with the band-aid" who was also there. I was clueless at this point, and I'll admit I was getting a little freaked out about this visit that she was so insistent had happened. A couple of question later she finally gave me a piece of the story that made sense. There was a dog. A little black dog that she played with at Jesus'. (Ooohhh, Okay) That would be Tara II, my grandparents shih tzu.

I, of course, had to call Gigi and let her know what kind of an impression she left on her Great Granddaughter. It's not every day someone gets mistaken for Jesus.

I was reminded of this story as Shiloh and I were taking Gigi's birthday card out to the mailbox this morning. As we were walking down the driveway, Shiloh was explaining to me how the card will get to her.

"The mail lady will pick up the mail, and take it to Jesus..."

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