Sunday, January 9, 2011


In an attempt to save money, we are refraining from eating out this month. We don't eat out excessively. Generally, only once (or maybe twice SOMETIMES) for dinner (usually Zaxby's or somewhere similar) and once for breakfast (we love our Claude's biscuits).

Week one was surprisingly easy. Shiloh didn't have school Tuesday so there was no temptation to pick up lunch on our way home, as we are sometimes known to do. Richard did a great job remembering to grab leftovers on his way out the door each morning, and I'm working on expanding my menu of foods so we don't get bored.

Now, when we made the decision to stop eating out Richard and I both agreed we can't give up our weekend biscuit. We've been visiting Claude's every Saturday for almost as long as we've lived in this house. SO I started a quest for an easy, but yummy biscuit recipe. After asking around and doing my own research online, I decided on one that I thought I could handle. This brings me to my new blog title...

I'm a pretty decent baker/cook, but I NEED a recipe. And if I'm trying a new recipe for the first time I become a kitchen control freak (I have no confidence in myself when trying something new), or as my husband decided to call me today, The Angry Baker...

I left Richard and Shiloh in bed with some cartoons on this morning to head downstairs and get to work on some biscuits. I pulled up the recipe I had chosen, when I realized I had the wrong type of baking powder. This caused me to have to find a whole new recipe in a very short amount of time, and it put me on edge. Shortly after getting my dry ingredients together, Richard and Shiloh walked into the kitchen. Shiloh decided she wanted to help, but I demanded that she just watch talked her into just watching. Thankfully, after a few minutes she got bored and left to find something more entertaining.

I finished my sifting, stirring, kneading and rolling in peace. It was time to cut out the biscuits. I don't have a biscuit cutter so I had found a large glass to use instead. Before I could grab said glass, Richard walks in the kitchen, grabs a new cup from the cupboard, walks over.... And that's when I bit his head off. I was certain he was about to stick that cup in MY dough. Of course, he was just going to hand it to me, but I envisioned him ruining my dough (biscuit dough is to be handled as little as possible) by placing the cup all crazy like in my dough causing me to have to roll it out again because I wouldn't have enough room to cut out all of the biscuits possible. After handing me the cup, he walked out of the room, but not before turning around to let me know that my new name is The Angry Baker. He first suggested that I start a new blog about my baking with this title, but I informed him that wouldn't work because it would be a blog with only links to other websites. I have no original recipes. I then remembered that I was in need of a new name for this blog, and so the new title was created.

And there you have it. Not a super exciting story, or really exciting at all, but I like it. And I LOVE the picture. I tried to get Shiloh to hold the rolling pin and oven mit while looking angry, but she wasn't up for pictures this morning. I think having Maddie do it ended up being a better idea anyway.

Last, I feel like this post wouldn't be complete without some pictures of our "Claude's" biscuits. They turned out remarkably better than I expected. Richard was even happy with them.

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Greta said...

Hilarious picture, great name, and delicious looking biscuits!