Friday, January 7, 2011


I need to vent and I'm too paranoid to say this on Facebook, even though I don't see how it could ever get back to the person it pertains to.

So, between Sunday night and Monday our area is forecasted to receive 5-7 inches of snow. If you don't know already, I live in Georgia. We are not equipped to deal with 5-7 inches or snow in a timely manner. We don't have multitudes of snow plows, or giant structures filled only with salt for when it snows.

Now before I continue, let me first say that I am extremely thankful for Richard's job, but this is just one example, in a long list of examples of why his boss is one of the most horrible people I know.

Moving on. Keeping in mind the amount of snow we are potentially about to receive and the fact that we live in the south, Richard's boss, we'll call her I Have No Idea How To Run A Business, Which Makes Sense Because I'm Only A Business Owner Thanks To My Divorce, sent out an email shortly before the end of today's work day informing everyone that regardless of the amount of snow received EVERYONE (except her, of course) is to be at work at 8:00 am.

I just don't understand this woman. What kind of message does this send to her employees?? How little does she care about them? And for the record, not that it should make a difference, but he doesn't work for some huge company where everyone is just a number.

Hopefully, we won't get the 5-7 inches being projected because I can't imagine Richard driving to work on roads with that much snow on them, especially in his truck that is not 4 wheel drive.

I'm so irritated.


Greta said...

Ha, I would TOTALLY not go in.
You could always change Richard's alarm so that it goes off late.... ;)

KatieLizziSmith said...

Mike's old boss was like that...didn't matter if it was an ice storm or a foot of snow, or that he could WORK FROM HOME, she wanted him there...even if she didn't come in. Jerk.

If it's really that bad will they do the whole "non-emergency personnel should not be on the roads" thing? If they do, then he's completely justified in telling her he's not going in!!

And wow, MORE snow for you guys?? Accuweather was WAY off...their winter-outlook forecast literally said "NOT MUCH WINTER" for the entire south. (Yes, it really said NOT MUCH you guys just skip straight to April??)

Alicia said...

Katie- I had heard on the radio about a week ago that generally when we have an early winter (snow around Christmas), that means the rest of the season should be mild. I was shocked when I saw more snow heading our way. I'm not complaining though, and neither his Shiloh! She is so excited for tomorrow :)
Also, generally they only ban non-emergency vehicles from the road during a state of emergency. I doubt we'll reach that point tomorrow. Now they are only calling for 3-5 inches in our area. But still, trying to drive to work on roads covered in 3-5 inches of snow as well as some ice mixed in, can't be very safe.
Depending what it's like in the morning, I think the plan is for everyone to contact each other in the morning and decide what to do. I doubt his boss would fire all of them. Although you never know.