Thursday, January 6, 2011

Just Call Me... (Fill In The Blank With Someone Who Is Known For Making Bread)

I received a bread machine for Christmas. Thanks to traveling and general holiday busyness, I was only able to use it for the first time earlier this week, and I love it! A good friend of mine received one earlier this year and uses hers primarily to make dough for dinner rolls, homemade pizzas, etc. When I asked for my bread machine I was intending to use it for the same purpose. I actually have plans of Friday night make your own pizza/movie night :)

(as soon as I can convince Shiloh that she loves pizza. Yes, my kid does not like pizza)

ANYWAY. After opening the bread machine and looking over it, I found a fairly easy recipe for whole wheat bread towards the end of the instruction manual. I hadn't thought about using the machine to make our own sandwich bread, but why not? It can only save us money, right? Soooo......

Here is my very first loaf of homemade whole wheat bread!

It's a bit dense, but I've read that whole wheat flour will cause that. I've found some tips to lessen the density so I'll have to give them a try on my next loaf. Other than the density though, it is amazing. I told Richard yesterday that I will never buy another loaf of bread as long as I have this machine.


KatieLizziSmith said...

Me again. I read your blog all the time but through my google reader so I never comment...but I came to see the new blog title since it doesn't show up in the reader, so now I'm going back and commenting on everything I wanted to say...haha.

So, my question - how does a bread machine work? Does it just mix up the stuff or does it actually bake in there and everything??

Alicia said...

It depends on what you want to make. If you're making bread, it. does. EVERYTHING. Which is why I love it so much :) You just follow the directions regarding what order to put the dry vs wet ingredients in and 4 hrs later, you have bread!
If you want to just make dough then, again, you follow the directions regarding the order of ingredients, but remove the dough once the kneading process is over.