Thursday, December 4, 2008

Parade of Lights

We had such a great time....well, at least, I did! The pictures below don't show it, but Shiloh had a lot of fun also. She giggled and talked to the many floats that went by, danced to the marching bands, and when the humane society float came by with dogs she yelled out, "doggy"! It was an awesome evening! Thank you Brittany and AJ for coming with us again!

Below are a few pictures from the night, in no particular order....

One of the floats

Blurry picture of myself and Shiloh watching the parade
Brittany and Shiloh
Shiloh's first Santa Clause sighting!
The Athens DFACS/Adoption float...I had to take a picture even though you can't really see it

The official lighting of the giant tree

Richard and myself

AJ and Brittany

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