Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas 2008

Cookies and candy on the table before 8:30 am...that's how you know it's Christmas!

Richard opening one of his stocking stuffers. It is a Family Guy PS2 game that will be played all day.

Shiloh with her couch that folds out to become a bed.

Opening a stocking stuffer....her My 2nd Christmas Ornament.

I told Rich not to get me anything for Christmas this year because if we get the house we want that will be all the Christmas present I need, so in my stocking there was a Taylor Swift cd that he knew I wanted and two IOUs. One for a house, and the other for a Wii....that's what I really wanted for Christmas.

Opening her doggy that says the alphabet, teaches body parts and colors, sings songs, etc.

The gift I couldn't wait for her to open...her aquadoodle!!

Shiloh's best friend, Ella, sent her a Best Friends Forever picture frame and a couple of dresses.

Very cute dresses from Ella....especially the red and pink polka dot one!

A new hooded bath towel...I thought it was cute and it's very large so she will be able to use it for a few years.

Can you tell she was excited?? Apparantly pajamas are not a good Christmas present.


A DVD player for the car...only to be used for long car rides up north, to my sister's, to Alabama, etc.

She loves her aquadoodle!

Whose toy is it??

Playing with her new doggy.

Brittany and AJ came over in the morning while we opened presents. Brittany made homemade sticky buns and I threw some cinnamon rolls in the oven.

Playing his new PS2 game

Our Christmas dinner I prepared all by myself! I was very proud!

And Shiloh loved it!

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