Monday, December 22, 2008

Big Announcement!!

Well, it's not quite an announcement yet as we haven't heard back from anyone, but hopefully soon I'll be announcing that our offer on a house has been accepted!!! I wanted to wait to post anything until we heard back from the seller but that may not even happen until tomorrow so I'm not waiting! Also, anyone from facebook who reads this already knows anyway!

It all started when Rich came home from work Wednesday evening talking about how a guy at work has been trying to convince him to put our house on the market. He's been telling Rich we need to try to take advantage of the low interest rates and foreclosures that are out there. So Thursday while Rich was at work I browsed the internet looking at foreclosures and found one that actually looked really nice. Our friend Brittany, the real estate agent, just happened to be visiting when I found the house so we set things up to go look at the house after Rich got off work. Long story short, we fell in love with the house!!

Friday we got pre approved for the house we want so all weekend we cleaned our house and Brittany took pictures Sunday evening so we can put it on the market! Today around 1 pm we faxed over our offer on the new house!! We are trying not to get ahead of ourselves and become too excited (this is especially hard for me) because everything is contingent on us selling or leasing/renting out our house. The good news there, though, is we already have someone coming to look at the house tomorrow! The even better news is they have a baby girl who I believe is no more than 1 1/2 months old so we might not have to paint over Shiloh's nursery if they are interested! For those of you who don't know, Rich and I put a lot of work into her nursey and it is going to be kind of heartbreaking for us to leave it behind....especially if it is to be painted over. But it is just a room and we will move on.

I've included a picture of the house below. It is essentially my dream house. It has 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, and a large backyard that is all fenced in just waiting for Shiloh and the dogs!!


Greta said...

Ok, ok, so I jumped the gun a little. But, man, that house is gorgeous! I sure hope your offer is accepted and you guys' house sells quickly :).

That's really great news that you have someone coming to look at it so soon! You know we need to see interior pictures as soon as possible?

Alicia said...

Thanks, we hope so too!

For being a forclosure it's in such great shape! There are a few things we would want to update regarding the interior, but nothing major.

carterandhaileysmommy said...

That house looks awesome!! We are going to be moving this summer and hope that the housing market will be in our favor too!! Congrats (even if its premature!)