Friday, December 12, 2008

One Hot Mama

I know. It's cheesy, right? But that's my goal!!

Yesterday Brittany and I rejoined Bodyplex! Rich and I were members before Shiloh was born but cancelled shortly after I became a SAHM to try to save some money. Well, I'm back now and, not to sound cheesy again, but it felt so good this morning! I am so excited to get rid of my baby weight. (Yes, adoptive moms have baby weight too! Don't argue!)

And even more good news, Shiloh did great...well, the kidsplex (daycare). Yesterday when we were there signing up I put her in the kidsplex to see how she would do and after 15 minutes I could hear her screaming her head off. But, heck, I was excited she lasted 15 minutes! So, needless to say, I was wondering just how much of a workout I would actually get hour and 15 minutes! That's right, we were able to workout for 1 hr and 15 min! At one point when Brittany and I were on the weight machines I could hear her crying but it only lasted a couple of minutes. Twenty-five minutes later when I went to get Shiloh she was sitting on the floor with the employee reading a bunch of books just as happy as can be! Of course, as soon as she saw me she ran over to me on the verge of tears, but that's okay. We can work on that.

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