Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Thank You!

As (hopefully) most of you know, today is Veteran's Day. Most people reading this also probably know Richard served in the Marine Corps for eight years. He never saw combat, but he was on a list of Marines to head overseas back in 2003. He along with many others from his unit here in Georgia were sent to Camp Pendleton to take over for those already overseas as welll as to prepare to be shipped off themselves. In the end, the Marine from Camp Pendleton who was overseas from Rich's MOS decided to extend his tour thus relieving Rich of his responsibilities. So after 8 months in California he was able to return home.

I wanted to share a bit of Rich's story to honor him and say, thank you! I know that the above story doesn't seem like much but at the time Rich was so close to finishing college and had just been married (to me, of course!) the month before so that time was a little harder on him than it normally would have been. Sadly, I don't have any pictures stored in either of our computers from Rich's military days so I can't show you how cute he always looked in his camos. You'll just have to take my word for it!

Before I end this I also want to acknowledge my Grandpa M. who is a WWII Veteran. I remember the first time Rich met him they talked at great lengths about my grandfathers experience in WWII and Richard walked away pretty impressed. It made me wish I'd used my time with him a little more wisely. My grandfather is still alive today but spends most of his time thinking/talking about his younger days. He will be turning 89 this upcoming May so I just wanted to acknowledge him while he is still here. Thank you grandpa for all you've done for this great country!

ETA: My mom informed me that her father, my Grandpa W., is also a WWII Veteran. I'm sure when we visit them in a few weeks Rich will inquire about his experience as well! Thank you, too, Grandpa W!

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