Saturday, November 8, 2008

Celebrating Adoption

Shiloh and I had SO much fun Wednesday. The photos were taken at the Botanical Gardens here in Athens. I'd never been and I'm so glad my first visit was during fall....beautiful!! It was amazing watching Shiloh walk around like she owned the place and being engulfed in all of the fall colors. It could not have been a better experience!

Oh yes, and Heather! What do I say about Heather?! She is the perfect photographer for toddlers! Shiloh is very independent and stubborn. She wants to do what she wants to do and she wants to do it her way. Heather was so patient with Shiloh! She follwed her around learning her movements and getting a feel for what caught her eye and what didn't and then took some awesome pictures. She did an amazing job!

Heather has posted a little preview of Shiloh's pictures on the blog so if you'd like to check them out they are here Just look for the title "Bald Baby".


Greta said...

Ahhh! She is soooo cute! (And those blue eyes are ridiculous!)

You encouraged me b/c Sam is pretty non-stop and loves to play by himself...and we have a photo shoot scheduled for next weekend. I've been concerned that he won't "perform" for the camera but you've given me hope :).

Greta said...

P.S. Are there any other pics? I'd love to see more!

Alicia said...

yes, there should be more next week! There should be an online gallery with all of the pictures. I'll let you know when it comes up.

I know Sam's pictures will turn out great! He is so cute. I'm sure it won't matter what he's doing or what face he is making! I'd love to see his after they are done!

carterandhaileysmommy said...

Hi Alicia...I don't know if you remember me or not..I was in Andrea's grade in school...I saw your blog on Jenny's site and just wanted to say hi since I always look at your blog. Your little girl is SO adorable!! I also really connect to your story because our babysitter just adopted a baby and I have got to see up close and personal what a wonderful gift that is. Anyway, I know as a mom it is nice to see people our age that are moms and are doing great things for their kids!! :) You can check out my blog anytime!

(allie *yun* luden)