Monday, November 17, 2008

Is It Christmas Already?!

No. Of course not. But as usual you wouldn't know it if you went into a mall! This weekend I went to Perimeter Mall with a friend (to watch the Ohio State game at the official Atlanta OSU alumni bar...sooo much fun!!) and as we were walking by one of the stores we could hear Christmas music being blasted from inside! I'm pretty sure we both felt the same as we rolled our eyes at one another in disgust!

Feeling the way I do about the Christmas season beginning way too early, I am sad to report that I purchased Shiloh's very first Christmas present of the year today. I got sucked in. I've seen SO many people online (forums, blogs, twitter, etc) who are already done, or at least almost done, with ALL of their Christmas, I love buying gifts....I just couldn't resist. I will not, though, do anymore shopping until Black Friday. Which is when I do most, if not all of my shopping every other year. Love, Love, Love Black Friday! Anyway, back to Shiloh's gift. For anyone who is curious, I bought her an Aquadoodle Mat! I'm so excited! Since Shiloh turned one I've been thinking about when/how to introduce coloring to her....I myself love coloring. Crayons and markers are kind of scary to me at this age thinking about how much crayon she would ingest and how much of a mess I'm sure she would figure out how to make with both items. Then today it hit me...Aquadoodle! All the fun (hopefully), without the mess! Another great aspect is that after about 20 secs whatever was drawn disappears, so we won't be going through piles of papers filled with scribbles as she learns drawing/coloring! They should put me on an ad :)

On a very different note, as I stated above, I went out to Atlanta on Saturday to watch the Ohio State game at Hudson Grille in Perimeter Mall with Katie. Katie is my mom's college roomate's (Ohio State) daughter and is in Athens attending Grad School at UGA. Anyway, it was so awesome being surrounded by fellow Buckeye Fans, all decked out in scarlet and gray, and hear songs such as ""The Buckeye Battle Cry", "Hang On Sloopy", "Round On the End And High In The Middle", and "I Wanna Go Back" just to name a few. What wasn't so awesome was returning hom to this....

While I was gone Rich and Shiloh were out in the garage together with the garage door open. Rich looked down for a moment and when he looked back up Shiloh was out of the garage attempting to run DOWN our driveway. You get the picture...literally..haha. The above pictures were taken this morning (2 days later) so it looks better. Two days ago when I returned home it was still pretty raw and, well, quite frankly, just not what I wanted to come home to! But, needless to say, Shiloh is fine and I didn't even get upset with Rich! How could I? It could have happened just as easily on my watch, and boy am I glad it didn't!!

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