Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Adoption Bug is Biting My Butt

...and driving me crazy! I've recently become aware of websites that advertise available adoption situations. Most "advertisers" are adoption agencies or facilitators but some actually have expectant moms "advertising" their pregnancy....kind of weird to me. Anyway, after spending a couple of evenings browsing these websites I now have adoption on the brain and it's driving me crazy! I don't think...well, maybe I know....we're not ready to adopt again. I'm still enjoying my one-on-one time with Shiloh, now is not the time be expanding the family with the economy the way it is, and we would LIKE TO move before adopting again......BBBUUUTTT who wouldn't love a new baby?!

With Andrea's due date barely over a month away and 2 friends from high school expecting I'm going to blame this all on them and push these feelings aside. For financial reasons adoption #2 needs to be adoption #1 all over again, so I'm just going to have faith that when our time is here God will lead us to our second child, just as he led us to Shiloh and her birth mom.

I've decided that the hardest part of adoption isn't the adoption itself...not that this is a news flash to anyone...but the lack of control. It is so hard to have basically no control over one of the most (if not the most) important aspect(s) of my adult life.


Greta said...

I hear ya on enjoying the one on one time but I also hear ya on "who doesn't want a new baby?!"
(Although that sounds like we're shopping for shoes or something, hahaha).

Anyway, what IS the adoption #1 story? Is it alright to ask that?

Alicia said...

Haha, that comment did come off that way, huh? I think "new" was the wrong word. :)

Alicia said...

After reading over this post again, I think most of it came out wrong....