Monday, August 11, 2008

Why Do Weekends Have to End?

We had such a great weekend...and of course no photos to show for it but that's another story! Richard's brother, Allan, along with his wife and 2 kids came to visit for the day on Saturday. They live in Indiana but had been in North Carolina visiting Debbie's side of the family. They arrived Saturday around 1:30 so we met them in downtown athens for a nice lunch and some browsing of the various shops. That evening we ordered pizza at their hotel and enjoyed a few hours of swimming in the hotel pool. We took Shiloh's floaty with us and Rich was so proud of the way she kicked her legs while in her floaty seemingly trying to move around. I keep telling him we need to do those swimming lessons!! Anyway, we had a great visit with Allan, Debbie and kids and are very appreciative of the extra 4 hours they added to an already long trip back home just to see us!

Yesterday Rich, Shiloh and myself went to Memorial Park in Athens to check out their zoo! Many people have told us about it but we had yet to venture there ourselves. It's cute and it's free! The zoo contains a few hawks, a couple eagles, a deer, wild turkey, 2 black bears, otters, a groudhog, an alligator, a snake and....I believe that is it! Rich and I definitely got more enjoyment out of the visit than Shiloh but she did like the deer. I think because it was the easiest animal for her to see. She enjoyed staring at the deer, waving and blowing kisses at it. Very cute! It made me even more hopeful for our, yet to be decided upon, trip to the zoo for Shiloh's birthday! I've been trying to think of something special to do with Shiloh's birthmom for her birthday and I'm thinking a zoo trip would be fun for all! Again, that's another story! Back to the park. After we finished walking around the zoo the trail we were on continued around a large pond to a playground! We put Shiloh in one of the baby swings there so daddy could see her swing! He has never been with us when we've gone to the park so this was his first time seeing her swing. Rich got such a kick out of it! She just laughs and smiles the whole time! He was very cute about the whole thing too. Rich put her in the swing and starting pushing her extremely gently so as not to make her go high..or really anywhere. After assuring him she enjoyed going high and she wouldn't fall out he put some strength behind it and Shiloh had a blast! It was a great family day!

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