Wednesday, August 6, 2008

No Wordless Wednesday

Something sticky got on the camera during my trip up north causing the lens to not open up/come out so I haven't been able to take pictures since July 21st....horrible! I wanted to buy a new camera at my parents but knowing the heck I would have had to pay when I got home for spending that money I didn't. Since we've been home Rich has attempted to clean/fix it multiple times all to no avail but the frugal man in him is refusing to buy a new one. I even called wolf camera to get a price on cleaning it but they said for as much as they would charge we'd be better off just buying a new one. So hopefully tonight Rich is going to get out his tools and take apart the camera, clean it and put it back together....hopefully. I don't even care anymore if Rich is able to fix it or we buy a new first I was super psyched at the thought of purchasing a new camera....I just want a camera.

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