Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Little Bit of Nothing...

Gymboree was today! It seems like Gymboree day is the only day I have anything to write about! I'll work on that. Anyway, Shiloh did well. There was another new baby today. Alex from Spain joined! Also, I forgot to mention Kayelin from our first Thursday class....I think that is how you spell his name. Anyway, he is absolutely hilarious! The poor little guy is trying his darndest to crawl but just can't quite get it. He lays on his belly and everyone of his limbs just goes a mile a minute but there is no progress made whatsoever! It's adorable though!

Andrea's wedding is coming up in just over two weeks! I can't believe when we see her she'll be 16 weeks pregnant already! I wonder if that's far enough along to feel the baby kick?! We should be seeing her a few more times before the birth so hopefully one of those times I'll get to feel something. When Shiloh's birth mom was pregnant with her I only got to feel one kick....poor Rich didn't get to at this little one had better deliver in that area! One more bit of news regarding Andrea's pregnancy, they find out on July 14th what the sex of the baby is!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed it's a girl! So far her heartbeat has been in the mid 160s so that's a good sign.....I know that's an old wives tale but I can still hope! If it's a girl her name will be Kirsten Love (love is a family name on Daniel's side) and if it's a boy....they are still clueless there. James will more than likely be the middle name and that is all they know.

Brittany posted some pictures online from her wedding. Here's a great picture of her with all of the bridesmaids. Don't the flowers and dresses just look perfect together?! And, of course, doesn't Brittany look beautiful?!

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