Friday, June 13, 2008

5 More Days.....

until Grammy comes to visit!!! I love when my mom visits!! I am so looking forward to having someone here during the day with me! I'll be able to shower whenever I want to, take as long as I want to get around in the morning, I'll have someone to talk to,'s so great! Best of all, though, is Rich and I will have a date night!! Actually, I'm hoping for a date day. My mom doesn't know it yet but I want to leave Shiloh with her all day Saturday while she's here. It would be so nice to have a whole day to ourselves! I'm sure my mom won't mind. That's what grandma's are for, right?! Anyway, she'll be here for a whole week and then Thursday the 26th Shiloh, my mom and I will drive up to North Caroline to help my sister with last minute preperations for her wedding. Rich and the rest of the family will arrive Friday evening for the rehearsal dinner. While we are staying at our hotel Shiloh will have her first experience in a nonkiddie pool! That will be fun for her, I'm sure, and best of all daddy will be there to experience it with her!

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