Monday, March 10, 2008

Schmorges Board

There is no big news to report so here is a schmorges board (see how I did that:)) of little events from the past few days!

Rich and I have finally gotten over the bug that had infected us this entire past week. Since bringing Shiloh home I've had so many experiences that have caused me to gain so much more appreciation for my mom and all mom's out there. Well, this past week has brought on a new appreciation for these women. I was talking to a friend of mine about the joys of being sick as a stay at home mom. I was telling her how I don't remember my mom ever being sick when I was younger, which I attribute to the selfishness of being a kid. I don't remember my mom ever being sick, but I definitely remember when I was sick expecting my mom to wait on me hand and foot with all of the sympathy in the world...and of course she did...for the most part. I had a tough mom. I was definitely missing her last week though. I couldn't even get Rich to wait on me because even the he was feeling ill I had it much worse so he had baby duty when he was home. So I was stuck to fend for myself during this time of need! boo hoo, right? But we got through it and as I told Rich this will help prepare us for what is to come. Rich is in denial though since when he was a kid he didn't get sick much but I know better.

Let's see what else...I'm addicted to Inoko's Express!! In a previous post I wrote about going to a restaurant called Inoko's when our Alabama friends came to visit. If you refer to that post you'll see that Inoko's is one of those Japanese restaurants where they cook the food in front of you. Yum! Well, on the East side of Athens (opposite side from where we live) there has always been an Inoko's Express (we ordered food from here after getting married at the romantic) which is Inoko's food but it's more of a "upscale" kind of fast food setting...cheaper, faster, ya know! Still awesome food, though. Anyway, we finally got one on the west side of Athens!! Woo hoo!! Last week (thursday, I think) we ventured out to our new Inoko's to give it a try...awesome! So awesome it stayed on my mind for the rest of the week! So we went again for lunch yesterday after church!! Sooo good! If you have an Inoko's Express where you live you need to go!

Speaking of church yesterday, I think we may have found our church! We stopped going to church on a regular basis after Rich's mom passed away. It had to do partially with Janet's death but it was mainly because about that same time the pastor at the church we'd been going to left. We loved him and were deeply saddened by his departure. Anyway, we've been looking somewhat half assedly...that's not a word, huh..but I couldn't think of any other word...for a new one but since Shiloh's birth it's become increasingly important to us that we find "our" church. Well, we tried a new one yesterday, Cornerstone Church of God here in Athens and we both liked it! The music is great, the pastor's sermon was based off of scripture, and the people were soo friendly. Also, we learned from talking to the pastor after the service that there are a few other families that came here from Monroe Church of God (our old church) after Pastor Willis left! That was a good sign for us! We'll be out of town next Alabama meeting baby Ella!!...but we will definitely be returning the following week! I so hope this is the church for us because I would actually really like to join a women's ministry group, young couples group, or something like that. It would be nice now that I'm home all day with Shiloh to be able to get out and meet new people/have people to talk to.
Well, I hear Shiloh talking to herself in her crib...gotta go!

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