Thursday, March 13, 2008

I Love....

Shiloh's exersaucer, carrier, playard and shiny, silver wrapping paper! Because of these things I had my most productive WEEKDAY as a stay at home mom! Weekends are easy. When Rich is home I have no problem getting things done because he takes over Shiloh duty. But weekdays, especially in the past month, I can't seem to get anything done! Shiloh has been going through a phase where I have to be within 1-2 feet of her or she's ticked! If go any further away from her than that, even if she can still see me, she is screaming! Makes it hard to do much! Yesterday, however, I was able to sweep the kitchen, family room and hallway, vacuum the rug in the family room, dust the family room, empty the dishwasher and reload the dishwasher, and cook dinner! I have to say it was mainly thanks to the shiny, silver wrapping paper that I was able to complete these tasks, but all of the previously mentioned things played a roll. So I must thank them too.

On a side note, I think Shiloh will be saying dada soon. All day yesterday and this this morning she was saying babababa, bdabdabda, and brahbrahbrah. I think dada is coming. The more she says those three things the more I am hearing a "d" starting to come out.

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