Friday, July 24, 2009

Another Update

We heard from Kim yesterday. Apparently, I had my days confused and her ultrasound was yesterday, not last week. It showed that she is 14 weeks along right now which has her due the middle of January. She said again that she would love for Shiloh's brother/sister to grow up with her(Shiloh), she just has a couple of things to figure out. We told her to take her time and that we'll respect whatever her final decision is. We are possibly getting together this weekend while my parents are in town....Kim has never met we may talk more then.


Greta said...

Sounds very encouraging!
Are you guys pretty settled on adopting this one if she's cool with it? (Is that completely a personal question?!?)

Alicia said...

Yes, we very much so are! It would be so amazing if this works out. Definitely a huge blessing! We're feeling pretty positive about it at this point, but you never know! And don't worry about asking too personal a question regarding adoption...I'm probably more open about it than I should be, so I'd be happy to answer any questions!