Thursday, April 2, 2009

We're Still Alive!

We've been extremely busy moving and then the rain started (it still has yet to stop) and I've been in a blah kind of mood ever since, so blogging hasn't been happening. Here's what you've missed.

Like I said, we moved! We closed on the new house March 6th and officially moved in the weekend of March 21/22. Our first week here was awesome. I think Shiloh and I spent more time outside that week than we did all of last year! The ability to be outside all together (myself, Shiloh and the dogs) is so great! The first day we brought the dogs to the house I could have stood outside all day watching them run around together. I think the fenced in backyard might just be my favorite feature of the new house! However, since that first week it's been rainy and chilly so we've been stuck indoors.

We're still working on unpacking....yes, we're taking our time. My dad may be visiting the beginning of May, though, so I'm sure we'll be done by then at least.

We're definitely enjoying living in Loganville rather than Athens. Rich's good friend from high school, Brandon, lives in the next neighborhood down from us so we've been spending a lot of time with him and his girlfriend. It's nice to already have friends so close.

My birthday was this past Monday....the big 2-7. Shiloh's Godfather, Zach...another of Rich's good friends from high school...and his girlfriend watched Shiloh for the first time Monday so Rich and I could go out to dinner by ourselves. I was extremely nervous about that. Shiloh has spent a good amount of time with Zach but not frequent enough that she really knows him well and she'd only met his girlfriend once. They said she did well, though, and offered to watch her again! While Shiloh was with "Uncle Zach" Rich and I enjoyed a great dinner at Taco Mac! Anytime we get a chance to go out to dinner without Shiloh it's alwasy a wing place. After her birth we quit eating out at Wild Wing, Taco Mac, etc. because wings are too messy when trying to deal with a baby while you eat. Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed myself! After our dinner we played some basketball in the small arcade area in the restaurant and I, of course, beat Richard! Thank you.

On a not-so-great note, the buyers for our old house backed out with a week and a half to go until the closing date. The house is now back on the market and we're hoping it won't take too long to get it under contract again. It was a little depressing at first, but I have faith that God has a plan for us and it will all unfold in his time.

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