Monday, April 13, 2009


I hope everyone had a blessed and happy Easter! We went to church here in the Loganville area for the first time since moving. We went to the church Rich and I used to attend with his parents before his mom passed away. It was a nice service but I think we are going to continue looking for our church. The demographic there has definitely gone to the 55 and over crowd....which is fine, but we would like to find a church that has more people our age. That was one thing we enjoyed about Cornerstone in Athens.

Anyway, after church we visited with Rich's coworker/friend and his family for a nice Easter dinner and egg hunt. It was nice to spend Easter with family, even though it was someone else's family. And Shiloh loved the Easter egg hunt and actually found quite a few eggs herself. I was pretty proud!

Also, on our way to Dale's house we picked up a little Pug that was roaming a very busy road. We brought him home and are planning on putting up signs this evening near where we found him in case his owners are looking for him. If we don't get a response from the owners we will be giving him away. He seems like a very good dog. I might want to keep him if we didn't already have two. Two dogs are MORE than enough for me.

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