Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Austin's Baptism Weekend (A Lot Of Pics)

This past weekend Shiloh and I were in North Carolina for my nephew Austin's baptism. It was such a great weekend full of family, kite flying, Yo Gabba Gabba watching, hide and seeking, chalk drawing, and not so great professional picture taking of all three grandkids.

Shiloh checking out her Easter basket from PA

Brayden showing Shiloh the Yo Gabba Gabba doll he got her for Easter. She now has 4 of the 5 dolls.

Grammy and her grandkids

Brayden LOVED holding Austin

"Fixing" Austin with Brayden's tools

Best Buddies

Grandpa and Austin

Grandpa, my brother and Brayden flying Brayden's new transformer kite

Having a conversation

Shiloh flying the kite. She loved it! She would stand there watching my dad fly it, pointing up yelling "kite, kite"!

Brayden and Shiloh taking Austin for a walk

Brayden all dressed up for church

Andrea rocking Austin in the rocking chair that was given to the church by his grandparents in his name.

Running around at the luncheon following church

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