Monday, January 12, 2009

Please Vote!

I'm sick right now and can't think straight so I'm not going to make a long post out of this....

The studio that did Shiloh's "Celebrating Adoption" pictures is having a Best of 2008 Contest. The top 10 win a free session this year and the #1 picture wins all the digital prints from their 2008 session. If you have a free moment please go here and vote for Shiloh....her picture is #113. Thanks!

ETA: As of 1/13/09 at 6:30 pm we are tied for 2nd! Thanks to those who have already voted and to those who haven't please do have until the 21st!!


carterandhaileysmommy said...

OOH I hope that you win!! I voted for you! I think Shiloh is just so cute!! :)

burgmom said...

Oh My Gosh,what a cute photo. I voted for Shiloh.