Sunday, January 25, 2009

Over The Mountains And Through The Snow To Grammie's House We Go!

This past Monday Shiloh and I drove up to PA to visit Grammy and Grandpa! I have to share that Shiloh did sooo well on the drive up. We've flown to my parents' for visits since Shiloh was born so I was very nervous about driving it with her for the first time. It took us 10 1/2 hours to get here and we only stopped once! Shiloh did so well entertaining herself in the backseat with her books. I was so proud!
We've had a great visit so far. Shiloh had a blast hanging out with her cousin, Brayden, last week. It's amazing how well they get along together. When we arrived Brayden was napping and when it was time for him to wake up we let Shiloh help. When Brayden first started to open his eyes he was pretty crabby but when he saw Shiloh he smiled big and said, "SHILOH!!". It was so sweet! He'll be back to visit tomorrow and then Tuesday Jeff, A, my mom and myself are taking the two kids to Chuck E Cheese! That should be a blast...Shiloh has never been.

We've also had a great time hanging out with Aunt A and "Uncle" Joe and a few of my high school friends. Today Adrienne and I even went sled riding. It was sooo much fun!

Here are some pictures from our trip so far....

The view from the front door

Running around on the driveway in her awesome bright orange snow suit


Trying to reach the bath toys

Having fun with Uncle Jeff

Playing in the snow

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