Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Pictures, Pictures and More Pictures!

Saturday Rich and I went out to Loganville so we could see the house in the daylight. There is a spot on the roof that needs fixed and Rich wanted to make sure it is something he can repair himself. Sunday we had a nice visit with our friends from Florida and Monday was the Fiesta Bowl!

Shiloh loves running around in the backyard

One reason Rich likes the house...the privacy in the backyard due to the house being at the top of a hill.

Josh and Kara
Rich and Josh were roomates while stationed at Camp Pendleton together.

Josh and Olivia

We gave Shiloh a piece of bread to feed the ducks. She decided to feed herself.

Shiloh goes up slides

Goooo Buckeyes!!

No idea what this face was about

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