Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Great Start To A New Year!

This morning I received a phone call from Brittany (friend/realtor) with some great news!! The bank has accepted our offer...well, they basically accepted our offer. The offer we submitted was 12k less than the asking price, had the bank paying all closing costs and included an earnest check of $500. The bank counter offered with the price we submitted but we pay $150 of the closing costs and they asked us to up the earnest money a little. We, of course, said we'll take it! So we now have until February 19th to sell our house. We've been approved by the bank to rent the house (worst case scenario) but we'd really rather not have to do that.

Now, that the house is under contract I'll share some interior pictures....I didn't want to get too ahead of myself with the previous post. There are a lot of changes we want to make on the interior of the house but it's move in ready.

Shiloh fell in love with the stairs

The room you see to the right is the living room...across from it is the dining room

View of the family room from the hallway

Eventually, and when I say eventually I mean way down the road, we would like to basically turn this into a brand new kitchen by replacing/updating everything.

View of the kitchen from the family room

Straight ahead the first door you see open is the bathroom and across from that is the door to the garage. The room you can see into at the back of the hall is the laundry room.

Dining Room

View of Master bedroom from Master even has a little sitting area!

Master can't see it but to the right (next to where I was standing) is the toilet room, as I like to call it. Rich will also tile this room

The other pictures I have are of the three other bedrooms so I won't bore you all with those.


Greta said...

Awesome! It's huge - especially that kitchen! Here's hoping your house sells really, really quickly :).

Can't wait to hear.

Happy New Year ;).

KatieLizziSmith said...

Wow, I'm jealous!!
I'm glad that worked out for you guys!